Our Story

Sisters in arms

Born and raised in Montreal, the sisters have led successful careers in other industries before becoming entrepreneurs and experts in performing workout clothing. Accomplished and active women, they are also proud moms and qualified trainers.

Creative director/production manager

Stéphanie Tremblay

Business Manager

Geneviève Tremblay


In 2013, the sisters open Studio MOOV a physical and fitness activity center located in Boisbriand. It was quickly gaining popularity among local residents, and the idea of developing a workout clothing line to meet the needs of their clientele was slowly making its way into the minds of the young entrepreneurs.

At MOOV Activewear, the quest for excellence contributes to the joy of being active!

Watching and Listening

Working with women of all ages and sizes, they quickly saw that sports leggings were not always suitable or flattering for all shapes! Tired of seeing their clients constantly pulling up their leggings or complaining about them being see through, they immediately saw the need for a change and designed a performing fitness garment adapted to all silhouettes.

Creating and Innovating

It was crucial for the Moov sisters that the fabric of the garment would offer the desired support you expect from a fitness clothing piece. The collection was launched based on a strong desire to give women back the motivation to get up and move without worrying about their love handles, weight, cellulite or muffin tops, thus meeting the concerns and needs of the clientele.


Gen and Steph developed an innovative textile material to ensure maximum stretch and breathability in garments. Then, they studied and perfected legging design to meet the requirements of women of all ages and sizes. The garment's high waist and the absence of front stitching provide superior hold and support.Then, they added an integrated, antibacterial gusset, essential for offering increased comfort and reducing the crotch profile.


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