Our Products

We developed an innovative textile material to ensure maximum stretch and breathability in garments. MOOVFLEX® is manufactured locally using an exclusive patented process. Its secret composition makes it a unique product.


Our leggings, capris and shorts all have this adjustable high waistband that follows women's curve, enhance their silhouette and provide an outstanding body support. 


Our superior quality fabric, the MOOVFLEX™, stretches up to 5 times and return to its initial shape. Sheating yet not compressive it stays put. No uncomfortable cordon or elastic needed  to keep it in place. 


All our product are seamless at the crotch with an integrated antibacterial gusset for an unparalleled fit and comfort.

⎮Breathable and Water Resistant⎮
⎮No Color Changing or Fading⎮
⎮No Peeling⎮

The legging that challenges time