Meet the founders

Born and raised in Montreal, the sisters have led successful careers in other industries before becoming entrepreneurs and experts in performing workout clothing. Accomplished and active women, they are also proud moms and qualified trainers.

Stéphanie worked for several years as an assistant producer at TVA. While still in school, she was an aerobics instructor to make ends meet. Her passion for this activity remains today. Stéphanie is the mother of three beautiful children: Thierry, Axel et Charlie. They are her greatest source of inspiration.

On her side, Geneviève, reached the soccer 1 st division of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States as player emeritus.

MOOV activewear co-founders Geneviève Tremblay and Stéphanie Tremblay in tank tops sportswear.

Eventually, she decided to become oceanographer. As a phyto plankton and seabed specialist, her research led her to travel the arctic seas and tread the soil of several continents. The birth of her children, Éloic and Frédérique-Gilbert forced her to adopt a more orderly life.

Fed up with the traditional work routine and thirsty for new challenges, both sisters decided to create Studio MOOV.

The physical and fitness activity center located in Boisbriand was quickly gaining popularity among local residents, and the idea of developing a workout clothing line to meet the needs of their clientele was slowly making its way into the minds of the young entrepreneurs. The project was brought to life in 2015 with the launch of the MOOV Activewear clothing line including the famous workout leggings, created by and for women.


From thread to garment, MOOV Activewear is designed and produced with love in Quebec.

Our exclusive Montreal made high-quality textile
 is created 
for your comfort.

Recognized by the community

women in sportswear

Passionate and accomplished businesswomen, certified coaches and moms in action, Geneviève and Stéphanie are recognized in the community for their support of women’s empowerment and as passionate advocates for adopting an active and healthy lifestyle.

MOOV Activewear is a brand like none other. Stemming from MOOV Studio, a fitness centre for active families, the Quebec-based company draws its inspiration from the community it serves, a tightly woven one that revolves around women.

Through offering over 60 fitness classes every week to a clientele of parents, children, pregnant women, and young mothers, the top priority of both the MOOV Centre and MOOV Activewear quickly emerged—Promote women's physical fitness as a vehicle for attaining personal and familial well-being.

“I would say that we have set THE standard for pre and post-natal fitness in Montreal’s North Shore and the Lower Laurentians. Putting women's needs at the top of our list of concerns came as a matter of course” said Stéphanie Tremblay, one of the now well-known MOOV sisters.

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